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Cylch Bulletin 16

6 th Annual Conference

November 2003

Thank you!

Cylch would like to thank all delegates & sponsors for supporting & participating in its 6 th Annual Conference – Getting It Sorted! We hope you enjoyed the event and look forward to welcoming you again next year. Your input helped make the conference a success. This year the conference was bigger and better than ever. We had over 150 delegates attend over the 2 days ( 30% higher than last year ) and overall, the feedback has been good. Delegates were happy with the combination of speakers and workshops and enjoyed the networking opportunities provided. In total 26% of delegates attending the conference provided feedback. 85% of these respondents thought the conference was value for money and over 80% rated the location, venue, content and publicity good to excellent. The comments & feedback provided will be used to improve future events. This bulletin outlines some of the issues raised and identifies action points.

Fresh thinking through partnership

Partnerships were high on the agenda at this years conference. The conference kicked off with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between Cylch and UPM Kymmene Shotton Paper. Robert Williams of the Welsh Assembly Government highlighted the importance of the community sector in helping local authorities ‘hit the targets’. On a practical level, Alcan and Newport Wastesavers held a ‘success through partnerships’ workshop. Companies such as Alcan, Corus and Shotton are increasingly looking to community groups as vital supply partners. It is recognised that community groups bring huge added value by maximising the social, environmental and economic benefits for local communities. The message of the conference was that by working together we can achieve more.

Regional Workshops

Cylch Website

Delegates from each region expressed concerns over the state of the Cylch website. IT NEEDS UPDATING! The information on the website is out of date, there is no information on the RDOs and Members are unsure about how they can change their organisational details. Delegates felt that the lack of a ‘real-time’ fully updated website is a missed opportunity and does not reflect Cylch’s importance on a local and national scale. Members felt that the website could contain a bulletin board for communication and facilitate ‘exchanges’ of information/ materials/ furniture etc.

These concerns have already been taken on board and Cylch is currently working on revamping the website.

SUCCESS! - networking results in development of a Conwy Waste Forum.

Member support issues

Members requested further support from the Cylch team , particularly on issues such as training, improving standards and information exchange.

The topics of partnerships, co-operation and planning sparked interesting debates on how effective we are at encouraging these on a local, regional and national level. It was felt that improving cohesion on a local and regional level would help the Wales CRN as a whole to ‘set the standard’.

Specialist Interest Workshops


CCN & Cylch will run a series of compost training events throughout Wales in the New Year—watch this space!! If you are interested in attending/ participating/ hosting then please give us a call. From a data collection point of view, there was some concern that a drive for tonnage was ‘creating’ waste (for example, the collection of green waste which would otherwise have been composted at source). How do we measure home composting?


Issues & ideas raised included:

  health & safety of staff

  the need for plastics reprocessors

  setting up bonus schemes

  how to win contracts & tenders

Delegates were interested in setting up a ‘Kerbside User Group’ to allow benchmarking & detailed discussion on wages/ tonnages etc. Cylch will look into facilitating these meetings.


Various actions were identified from the furniture workshop:

  we need more beds!

  advice on insurance

   manual handling training

  risk assessments

  we need more WEEE!

Cylch will respond on these actions asap.


Issues & ideas raised included:

materials-led training

awards for individuals, groups, schools

setting up a resource library to include videos, presentations, factsheets

education network to share best practice

steering group to discuss the national campaign

The Cylch team have started developing these ideas. A meeting has been set up with Resource publication to discuss a link to their existing awards scheme.

Waste Awareness Wales

How can WAW keep you informed?’

•  website link to email
•  local & national campaigns
•  designated page in Cylchgrawn
•  circulate PR to community groups

‘How would you like to become more involved?’

•  seminars
•  regional meetings
•  task force projects

Additional comments…….

•  provide recycling hardware to schools
•  purchase of mobile WAW unit
•  develop community catalyst idea
•  organise Zero Waste events

Data monitoring feedback

If the community sector in Wales is to ‘set the standard’ we cannot over emphasise the importance of data collection . Two workshops at the conference were dedicated to this subject.

Delegates felt strongly that there should be a common methodology at all levels of data collection. Cylch Members want guidance on data management systems so that they can avoid wasting time on managing data poorly. A popular idea was to set up a steering group for data management in Wales with representatives from all sectors. Cylch is investigating how Wales can link into the CRN ‘Measure your Treasure’ project & how this is best promoted to Members.

It was recognised that the Exemplar Projects present an excellent opportunity for developing a standard data management protocol. It was felt that waste minimisation was not being encouraged fully, particularly in terms of home composting and plastic collection.

Perhaps, most importantly, the role of social auditing was highlighted in measuring the added value contribution made by the community recycling sector. It’s not just about tonnages after all!

Investors in People

In a lively session, delegates received information on the IIP accreditation scheme & it’s benefits. Many Cylch Members present wished to sign up for a free taster session to be held in the New Year in Wales. For details contact Irene Banham of Lets Get Recognised on 01934 920072.

Areas for improvement

Welsh Translation

Everyone is in agreement that Cylch needs to improve in this area. We have to thank Carmarthen County Council for arranging the translation service at this years conference. Cylch has adopted a Welsh Language Policy and is striving to implement it. Wherever possible, Cylch produces bilingual publications. Cylch has recently started basic Welsh lessons at the Cardiff office and is supporting Katie with her Welsh lessons.

Pre conference information

Improvements can be made in the provision of pre conference information, including confirmation of booking & allocation of accommodation. Delegates also requested more detailed information on the objectives & content of the workshops. It was felt that site visits could have been promoted more and organised better. Some confusion occurred when booking over the target audience for each day. For example, some LA reps assumed Friday was ‘Members only’. Next year we need to clarify that both days are open house!

A few words on the action……..

‘international presence superb.’

‘international gurus are all good & well, we need some inspiration, but balance them please with a little more nitty grittyness.’

‘great to meet so many great people doing fantastic things.’

‘second day a bit too fragmented.’

‘the workshops, speakers & topics of discussion were all excellent, and with regards to Zero Waste, personally very inspiring & thought provoking.’

‘I felt that there was something of an air of self-congratulation at the conference as a result of the likely achievement of the 15% target…….I would have liked to have seen more analysis of what was needed to meet the 25% target.’

‘balance of content excellent—much better than previous years i.e. plenty of participation.’

‘this annual event is one not to be missed. I valued it greatly…….. the content, the relevance, the networking & the company. Great event, thanks.’

Thanks to our sponsors:

UPM Kymmene Shotton Paper, Conwy County Borough Council, Alcan, Corus, Ecosac Ltd, SRS, Straight.

Cylch Contact Details

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Sarah Germain - Development Officer, South East Wales

Philip Marks - Development Officer, South West Wales

Ellen Perryman - Campaign Manager

Helen Malia - Cardiff Schools Education Officer


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